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Launch of French rabbit press release - November 15, 2005
French rabbit teams with American Forest press release - June 1, 2006
The Rabbit is Multiplying - October 3, 2006

Article on eco-friendly packaging featuring Boisset Vins & Spiritueux
"Now vintners are going green by putting their vino in more eco-friendly containers...vinters in France are...experimenting with alternatives to glass."
"New Wine in...Uh, Juice Boxes.", Time Magazine, September 10, 2007
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"Don't turn up your nose at a new generation of boxed wines. The best are well-made, tasty and perfectly suited to carefree occasions, especially at picnics and pools where glass bottles are often verboten. I'd choose a carton of French Rabbit, for instance, over many bottled wines any day. French Rabbit Chardonnay is crisp and clean; the pinot noir has bright berry flavors and silky texture; cabernet sauvignon offers savory plum, berry and cherry flavors and firm tannin. Unencumbered by excess oak and alcohol, all acquaint the drinker with flavors of their south-of-France growing region."
- "Boxed wine stepping up a notch with '07 varieties", Mary Ross, Daily Herald, September 5, 2007
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"...heartily recommend the user-friendly French rabbit Pinot Noir, which comes in 3 different sizes of box: 1-liter, 500ml and - great for single people - 4 packs of 250ml boxes"...
- Sheri Sauter Morano, Master of Wine, San Francisco Chronicle, August 17, 2007
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"The 2005 Vin de Pays d'Oc Pinot Noir has flavors and aromas of cranberry, Christmas spice and black currant....This $10 travel-friendly box is a fine deal, plus the 4-pack boxes fit neatly in a jacket pocket for easy smuggling into ball games or movies."
- W. Blake Gray, San Francisco Chronicle, August 17, 2007
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Feature on Boisset Vins & Spiritueux's revolutionary and sustainable packaging.
- "French vintner shakes things up", Packaging World, August 2007
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"One of the most popular Tetra Paks found in the market today is Boisset’s French rabbit, which really stands out on a shelf in their flashy, orange containers....So not only can consumers feel good about “going green” with their wine choices, French rabbit is practical to use and good value for their money (the 1 Liter package gives the consumer 33% more wine than a regular 750ml bottle)."
- "From bottles to boxes", Beverage Journal, 8-1-07
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"The perfect companion for most trail meals is a box of French rabbit. That's right. No worries about broken (or heavy) glass, and the flavor of the pinot, cab, chardonnay and merlot stays remarkably crisp."
- "Editor's Note - In My Pack", Backpacker Magazine, August 2007
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"We in the US see very few French wines in a box. French rabbit is a "tetra-prisma", which is lighter and smaller than a typical box at one liter, and completely recyclable. The wines are very good quality and a good value. I think the pinot noir is quite nice. It has a soft fruit and approachable tannins. It's great for a picnic."
- "A wine expert turns us on to box wines", Sheri Sauter Morano, Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine, March 2007 Download PDF


#10 New Power Brand of 2006
Information Resources, Inc, 2006 Table Wine Top 10 New Brands
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Gold Medal - Functional Innovation - French rabbit Family Reserve (Red and White)
2006 World Wine Championships Wine Packaging Competition, Beverage Tasting Institute
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Great Holiday Gift Ideas!
The AARP recently featured French rabbit as a wonderful gift to give this holiday season. "Who says hedonism and environmentalism don't mix? French rabbit wine comes in eco-friendly packaging. Don't mock the box - the efficient shape holds an extra two glasses per container."
- AARP Magazine, Nov/Dec 2006
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French rabbit awarded SIAL d'Or as the best new alcoholic product in the world.
An international jury selects French rabbit for its innovative packaging and premium quality - October 22, 2006
Jurors applauded French rabbit for quality wine and convenient packaging: “These wines retain all the flavor of the grapes. There's no glass bottle to break, no need for a corkscrew, and no risk of the wine being corked. The packaging protects the wines from the damaging effects of light and oxidation, and enables them to be carried and stored easily. The containers' colorful designs are appealing to consumers.”


Best New Wine Product of 2006 - Beverage Industry Magazine


85 points - Top Values
"Well structured and fresh, with plum, berry and cherry flavors. Firm whack of tannins on the finish."
- Kim Marcus, Wine Spectator's Dining Guide, September 31, 2006
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"With black currant fruit carried on lively acidity, this cab shows its Gallic roots in its savory flavors and gravelly underpinnings. Though the Tetra Pak won't keep your wine fresh any longer than a bottle, it fits in a backpack far better - perfect for picnics mid-mountain and kayaking trips."
- Wine & Spirits, Our Critic's Pick the Best in the World of Wine, Fall 2006
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"The user-friendly French rabbit cartons are closed with an easy-to-open, resealable plastic cap, which eliminates the problem of cork taint. The containers are also designed to extend the life of the wine, be taken places where glass isn't appropriate and reduce packaging waste."
- Eric Arnold, Alison Napjus and Dana Nigro, Wine Spectator, June 30, 2006
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"Boisset's French rabbit, a series of collapsible, earth-friendly 1-liter boxes - offers similar convenience and...better wine. Sourced from vineyards in France's Languedoc and Roussillon regions, the pinot noir and merlot aren't bad, despite being on opposite ends of the chic scale, and the cabernet sauvignon was impressive"
- "New bottles let your bring bubbly to the beach",, June 22, 2006
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Best wines for under $15 - 2005 2004 French rabbit Cabernet Sauvignon
"The berb tinged flavors are pretty simple, but the texture is full and smooth, and the Tetra Pak packaging is a trend that should multiply."
- "You'll drink to this: Our new blog", USA Today, May 5, 2006
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"...the vintner with the provocative name seems to have created its ePod with backpackers in mind. The box, simlar to those used for soy milk and juice, holds a liter of vino - two more glasses than a traditional bottle. The resealable box folds flat, and the company claims a 90 percent reduction in packaging waste. It that isn't cruncy enough, French rabbit will plant - you'll never guess: a tree! - for every four ePod wines sold. Choose from vintage-dated cab, merlot, pinot noir, and chardonnay: The white is our favorite."
- "Our hot list of cool stuff", Backpacker, May 2006
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"Drinking Merlot just got a whole lot easier. Companies like French rabbit are rethinking the wine bottle, offering picnic-worthy wines in snappy cardboard cartons. Let's also raise our glasses to...twist-off caps...may actually retain freshness better than a cork and a seal without the risk of "cork taint."
- "New twists on wine", LIFE, March 10, 2006
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